Oh hello,

Welcome to UGH, a digital content site where we cover everything from pop culture to women’s issues, politics, fashion, travel, beauty, and more. UGH stands (very loosely) for Ultimate Girls Handbook—though we intend the acronym to be ever-changing with the core idea that UGH is a place to voice your stories in a way that is clever, smart, expressive, and playful.

This is where you come in, my clever, smart, expressive, playful darlings. As much as I’d love to write all the content for a site myself (hint: I wouldn’t), it occurred to me that our circle is full of brilliant babes with something to say, and we want to hear it. So this is an open call for submissions, with no due date in mind.

We want to publish your fashion shoots, your art, your reality television reviews, your thoughts on feminism and sexuality. We want to know about that time you dropped acid at a John Mayer concert. Your top ten favorite restaurants in Sydney. The new beauty product that has changed your life. We want you to write down your feelings on the current political climate, how you communicate with people that hold different views than you, what it means to you to be a POC or LGBTQ or to have different religious beliefs (any religious beliefs!). Nothing is off limits, and nothing I write will be either. I personally promise to be honest and forthright, to be interesting and amusing. In my own work, I’m tired of playing nice. Tired of hiding my stories for fear of people thinking I’m too revealing or too stoned or too basic or too angry or liberal or slutty.

UGH is a space to share what you’ve been writing in your journals and group texting to your girlfriends. It’s going to be fun and tough, both complex and surface-level—just like you! I have some big plans, and we hope you can be a part of it.

I am looking forward to exploring your ideas and submissions. Like on pins and needles. So excited.

Email us now.

Amanda Zurita
Founder, Editor-in-chief

p.s. I can’t pay you yet, but I hope it won’t always be that way. As a creative who has worked on many a gratis project, I know that it’s tough in the streets. I appreciate your understanding and hope that UGH provides value in its platform, promotion, and commitment to showcasing your work and voice in a way that’s both beautiful and inspirational.